Manage weight by hypnotherapy

  Ask anyone about weight management and the first thing they think about is diet, exercise and boring schedules. The general public wouldn't think of hypnotherapy as a way of managing weight un less they know someone who has tried Hypnotherapy and had great results.

  Sometimes weight management is hard as it can be caused by medical underlining issues that need to be resolved by medical means, but for a lot of us it is not so much a medical issue and it seems to be a issue that starts in our subconscious.

  As humans through history we hunt, prepare food and eat for survival. The food choices were limited to what we can grow or catch and our diets were a lot more natural. Today we live in a different world, influences by different circumstances and stresses, and the modern world comes with its own challenge.

  Today a large amount of the population don't exercise or get enough daily exercise that the body needs to keep everything in working order. People spend a lot of time sitting and not moving for long periods of time. Think of a student, or a office worker for example, for 6-8hours of their wake state they produce minimum movement, sitting behind a computer. There are plenty of studies that show just how important exercise is for hunans and how it can help us clear negative thoughts, increase energy, help improve mental and physical health. So the question is why do so many people exercise so little and pay no attention to their food intake? 

  I believe the reason why so many people are so bad at this balance of exercise and healthy eating, starts in the subconscious. Everything starts with thoughts and emotions. This subconscious understanding is often outside of our conscious awareness and it makes it hard for an individual to understand what really relates to overconsumption of food, eg .. food can be used to mask feelings and thoughts and provide short term break from reality, without a person being consciously aware of it.

  When we feel bad, good, guilty, stressed comfort food seems to find a way of giving us a temperary releif and satisfaction. Our brains are amazing pattern making machines. I sometimes think that our brains might be a bit lazy, always looking for shortcuts and our brain is phenomenal at recalling those things that give us releif and satisfaction at times of need. So if our brain registered food as a way of stress release as an example, at times of stress that pattern might become a go to solution. 

  No different to exercise, if a person is stressed, exercise can be a great solution, as it releases chemicals that reduce stress, increase the pleasure feeling. Combining a conscious approach to eating with a hour if exercise per day can make a huge improvement of mental and physical means to a person. 

  So how do we change our patterns, how do we re shape the pattern we have set for ourself over years and years of repeating negative behaviours. The good news is that our brain is very  good at making change, as much as our brain looks for shortcut to help us, our brain is always also open to change. 

  With the right approach it can be easy to make small changes to re set a behaviour we set in place in the past as long as there is a clear want and a clear benifit. 

  Hypnotherapy is great for this, as when we are in a relaxed state, where we open up to change and while in that hypnotic state we are more open to suggestions that are clear, direct, logical can influence our thoughts and in turn influences our physical behaviour. 

Igor Prstojevic

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Pure Hypnotherapy