Hypnosis and sports performance

  It goes without saying that any sport professional trains and pushes their body physically always striving to reach new heights and milestones. Our body is an amazing, complex, strong and resilient composition of muscle, nerves, bones, organs that are all controlled by the brain. Every move, every blink, every breath, regulation of blood, heat, everything we experience every single day is regulated and interacted to by our amazing brain and the sensory feedback it receives. 

  So why don't we train mental resilience as much as we focus on physical? Why don't you see more professional athletes working on mental techniques to improve their game mentally as much as they focus only on physical?

  The simple answer is lack of knowledge and understanding in our current culture to the benifits of mind conditioning. I believe for optimal results the person who is striving to be the best at what they do, needs to have the mental and physical performance working together to push boundaries and re establish just what might be possible for us to achieve. 

  We as humans sometimes set un concious limits to our performance, it happens for reasons that are hard to understand but we all do it and justify it to our self. This does not only apply to sport professionals, this might apply to business people, sales people, managers..etc. I think our pride and safety mechanisms might have some contribution to this behaviour, where an individual makes a non conscious decision about what they are capable of achieving and no mater how hard they train, they are simply stuck never passing previous level of performance. Some extraordinary people have the ability to always re set their limitations and progress for more, and they have conditioned their mind to do this for them without much effort, but for vast majority of people this might not be as easy. 

  This is where hypnotherapy can help, this is where through means of hypnosis those limits can be re set, change the understanding of what your are able achieve and move beyond the self limiting behaviour that you have set up in the past. 

  This is not only exclusive to athletes, this is applicable to all humans, no different to working with a client that is scared of water, the fear that is preventing them from learning how to swim, breaking that self limiting road block of being scared of water will change the brain to consider possibilities and re learn new behaviours of what just might be possible. It won't be long after the fear is gone that the individual will learn swimming is a possibility, then push the boundary by getting better at it and eventually swim being completely comfortable and not giving it a second thought. This process requires physical participation and requires that the individual puts in the work required to move through the changes, but the battle for re setting what is possible has been won in the mind first, to produce an outcome, change the thinking to possibility of another reality in which they are in the the water without fear.

  If you have never considered hypnotherapy for sports performance, perhaps now would be a time to consider if there is a possibility that you might have set up some limits on a in conscious level that have been stopping you from progressing. Just to name some of the areas hypnotherapy has been used for when it comes to sports, concentration, reinforcing goals, visualisation, body awareness, increase motivation, stress, relaxation techniques, focus... And the list goes on.

Igor Prstojevic

Pure Hypnotherapy