Decisions, fears and phobias & why is Hypnotherapy the awnser.

One of my favorite motivation phrases, "when you get knocked down, you get back up and keep moving forward". 

It was only recently that i realised this motivational saying might be great when it comes to dealing with obstacles in life, not giving up and trying again when you fail, but it might not apply to phobias all that much. Phobias need a different approach. While some level of fear is healthy and normal, as fear keeps us safe, moving forward with un resolved fears sometimes leads to much deeper imbeded issues later on. 

By nature phobias can occur at any time in ones life, generally triggered by an negative event. Not wanting to generalise too much but when one experiences an event of this sort, often it leaves a mark somewhere in the subconcious that becomes a red flag for decisions made down the track. Sometimes these events seem to get more embeded in the mind, over time developing in to stronger life changing behavours. To put this in a easy to understand perspective here is a quick scenario, about basic decision making process, fear, compounding of a feeling and influence one negative event can have on future decisions for the rest of our life. 

A young child while on the first snow trip falls and gets hurt, not seriously but enough for the event to be registered as painfull and dangerous in their mind. As the opportunity to go on regular snow trips is not one many people with young families get to experience every year, this child does not go back to the snow for many years, and the next trip is a school excursion to the snow as a teenager lets say. 

As our mind is very good at making decisions based on past events and experiences, and our brains do this to ensure we are safe, it would be logical to say this child remember previous experience and events. Even if the child is not aware of the memories or events, those memories are still there in our subconcious locked away as a reasorce for future decision making opportunities. 

Depending on the level of fear of the snow this person will make more decisions about their time at the snow and activities they participate in while on the school trip, that will potentiality reinforce the fear already present even more or move forward to overcome the fear. 

Without the avareness of the individual these decisions go on to shape the life of this induvidual in many ways. Some of their future choices being influenced by something small that happened a very long time ago.

For instance this might limit the times they would go to the snow, perhaps limit choices of holiday destinatins, or maybe go as far as make one say im not a snow person, im more of a beach person etc...

As you can see, our fears, thoughts, phobias shape all sort of decisions we make in everything we do, and this scenario being an easy to understand simple scenario for the sake of the explanation, in life often phobias and fears are a lot more complex and tangled. For the likes of fear of spiders, snakes, public speaking, fear of germs, or sometimes fear of loss of controll like seen is some OCD sufferers. 

So the logical question would be why clinical hypnotherapy? Nature of hypnotherapy and the exploration of thoughts, emotions and processes that are often outside of our concuous awareness gives hypnotherapy just the right tools for the job. 

Once a person is in a deep state of hypnosis a clinical hypnotherapist can find the original occurance where the fear or phobia started and help re label the initial  experience for the individual, so they can get to understand the event and let go of the fear, resulting in quick change and release of the presenting issue. 

Igor Prstojevic 

Pure Hypnotherapy

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