What to expect in hypnotherapy session?

As a clinical hypnotherapist, its often that i get asked about what the session of hypnotherapy is like and for most people that haven't tired hypnosis this could be a concern as they don't know what to expect.

As there are different schools of hypnotherapy and different approaches of hypnosis. Due to this its hard to speculate on what exsactly as far as the approach goes one would expect in their first session. I can only speak on behalf of my hypnotherapy practice and how i structure my approach to introducing a new client to hypnosis.

I have always been a believer of educating my clients and i find its best to set the realistic expectation on what hypnosis is and what hypnosis is not. Prior to starting a session with a client I like to spend five minutes to educate them on what they will feel, hear and ensure the clients understand that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and that they are always in control. 

Once the expectations have been set and any concerns or questions have been covered off, i like to move in to hypnosis segistability testing to establish what kind of aporoach would be suitable to my client. 

Then i like to spend some time really getting to know my client and their concerns they have come to see me about. This alows the clients to really tell me how they would like me to help them and it gives me insight on what my focus areas will be.

After all the items i have mentioned are done, i like to move in to hypnotherapy and induce the clients in to a hypnosis state. The approach will vary based on what im working on with the clients as well as results of the hypnosis segistability testing. Most important componant of this first session for me is to establish a frame, where change can happen and give my clients the ability to take on positive suggestions to help them self shape their reality in a positive light. The first session runs for roughly 90 minutes all up but the hypnosis componant is roughly 40 - 50 minutes on average, depending on what concern im working on.

After the hypnotherapy session is finished i like to spend five minutes just going over the clients experience, what their thought are, and setting up a follow up if required. 

So in a way this is a quick rough summary of what to expect in my innitial hypnotherapy sessions, but like i mentioned this might not apply to other practitioners out there as the approach they learn or have developed might be completely differently structured. 

Igor Prstojevic Clinical Hypnotherapist Purehypnotherapy.com.au