Age regression hypnotherapy

How can age regression hypnotherapy help an individual?

It's not un common as a clinical hypnotherapist that we get phonecalls from the public wanting to know more about age regression, and that has insipired me to write a quick post to tackle some of the common questions and awnsers that relate to the therapy and how it can be applied to overcome various problems.

What is Age Regression?

Its a process where a clinical hypnotherapist guides a client in to a deep hypnotic state, to access the deep memories, emotions and experiences from their childhood in order to help the client indentify the time and place where the problem they are experiencing originally started. 

How does it work? 

By identifying the single and original occurrence of the presenting issue, the client can beging the healing process and dealing with the issue from a perspective of understanding. Depending on the issue the clients are experiencing the clinical hypnotherapist will taylor an approach and work with the client through using hypnotic sugestions, post hypnotic sugestions, etc to resolve the issue.

How quickly can results be seen and compared with traditional therapy what is the difference? 

The application of this technique is very effective, and very quick. In as little as a single or a couple of hypnotherapy sessions clients are able to overcome, fears, phobias, trauma and other concerns. To put that in perspective this approach focuses on the issue and emotions that are linked to first occurance of the problem and your focusing on treating the cause rather than focusing on symptoms. 

Traditional means of therapy that concetrate on one issue at a time, where a client will see a therapist over a course of months and sometimes years for 10, 20, 30 sessions generally. 

As a scenario lets say a client comes to see a traditional therapist wanting to understand why they have a phobia of clowns. Through questioning and talking, the clients will provide awnsers that they feel are most suitable and appropriate to help the therapist help them, but as we know that there is a lot more to our awareness that what we are concious about, and there is a lot more detail and information that operates in the un concious mind that is completely outside of our everyday avareness. So the client that is conciosly trying to understand their own phobia and is confised by it themself, is providing concious thoughts and reasoning to the therapist, so as you can imagine this might be a long process to un cover the underlying issue. Once the issue is un covered then the process of trying to tackle that issue begins, where there is a good chance that other issues might be uncovered and then the process re starts all over again, so as you can see the traditional therapy can be a lenghty process. 

When comparing the process of Age Regression, the clients concious reasoning is bypassed through hypnosis, so the clinical hypnotherapist is comunicating with the unconscious mind and through careful and specific wording and questions, letting the clients guide them to where the issue was first noticed, and by being able to do that in itself is almost like watching a DVD, and being able to skip chapters forward and backwards to speed up the process and get to the bit of interest quickly. Once the original problem is resolved as the clinical hypnotherapist removes the primary concern the clients will obtain clarity to the origins of the problem and future occurances can be managed or completely eliminated. 

Sometimes a client might think that their problem is the issue that they have come to see the hypnotherapist about, but by the process of Age Regression they might find that the issue is directly linked to something else that took place in their life. 

There is no such thing as therapy that will tacke all issues for all clients and different people will react slightly diferently to different types of therapy, so im not saying in any way that traditional therapy is bad, im just making the observation about the speed of recovery and number of sessions as a comparison as they are completely different therapies and one largely works with the concious mind trying to understand an un concious thoughts and patterns where hypnotherapy is mostly working in the unconcious realm trying to uncover the unconcious patterns and emotions.

Igor Prstojevic