Is hypnosis safe?

What do we know about hypnosis. As there is a lot of misunderstanding about what hypnosis is and what hypnosis is not, its fair to asume that some of the fear in relation to how safe hypnosis is, might have been established by the general misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is to begin with.

So what is hypnosis? 

Any time a person is in a state of intense concetration and focus, that is when you focus on something with all your energy, that in itself is the mental state very similar to hypnosis and the ralm that hypnosis operates in. A hypnotherapist will guide a client in to a state of relaxation, and in that state its easier for us to fucus and relax our mind. 

For hypnosis to work its essencial to have focus, concetration, imagination, particapation and relaxation. Not all of the items mentioned above are necessary for hypnosis to work, and they definitly dont all need to be present at the same time, but almost like when reading a good book, there are times where you focus intensly as you find yourself invested in the story, and as you are learning new information,  there are times that your concetrating on details and working our the plot, and there are times where your imagiantion kicks in and you start comming up with different scenarios to where the book might go next with the story or perhaps how it may end. So all those different elements are intertwined and come in to play at different times. This process is very similar to hypnosis in a lot of way, its a natural process that we go through many times per day in a lot of different scenarios. Its almost as if hypnosis is sort of a learning state of mind. 

So going back to is hypnosis safe, if we look at the reading a book reference i made a bit earlier, and apply that approach to hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist is actually a story teller, and as the hypnotherapist reads out a story to you, you will concetrate, focus, particapate and imagine the experiences and ideas presented to you, and perhaps take on board information you might find relevant and helpful. No different to reading a book, you are always safe and in controll, and if you wanted to i guess a client can close the book sort of speak and walk out pf a hypnotherapy session at any given time, as they are always in control.

So yes, hypnosis is totally safe, its a completely natural state we all have access to, very similar in many way to meditation or reading a book, and the client is always in control. 

Igor Prstojevic 


Pure Hypnotherapy

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