Can hypnosis really help me quit smoking?

It might come as a suprise to a lot of people to consider hypnotherapy as a method of helping overcome smoking once and for all. Due to the common missunderstanding on how hypnotherapy works a lot of clients are not sure if relying on hypnotherpay is going to be effective, quick, easy or even of its going to work at all for them.

To expand on the question of effectiveness of hypnotherpay, in short hypnotherapy can and will help you quit smoking. Why is it effective is the question people who are curious should be asking.

Well firstly lets look at how hypnotherapy works and the strenghts of hypnosis.

* Hypnosis is self induced, so its a way of channeling our thoughts and feeling to create positive change ourselves through guidance and instruction of a hypnotherapist.

* Hypnotherapy for non smoking will guide you to become a non smoker in your mind and not have the need for a cigarette, by helping you re shape and break the triggers that engage the habit and the response that leads to a craving.

* All of our habits, are created in our mind at some stage of our life, so its only logical that its our mind that can also break the habbit and relace it with something positive.

* Despite a lot of people thinking that they are stuck in their habbits and comfort zones, facts are that all of us have the ability to make permanent change in our habits and behavours, and it can happen very quickly if the circumstances are right.

So those are the main reasons why hypnotherapy is effective and quick at helping quit smoking. Hypnotherapy will not work for everyone, i guess like any other therapy or approach to quiting smoking there will be people that may not respond to it fully or perhaps respond to it straight away. In order for hypnotherapy be fully effective a person must decide that smoking is no longer something they want to take a part in and be willing to make a change in their life. 

There is no reason to not give hypnotherapy a shot and if you dont try for yourself i guess you will never know what it could have lead to, as it will most likely help you be a non smoker.

Igor Prstojevic Pure Hypnotherapy  

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