Can i be hypnotised ?

It's interesting how people make up their mind about if they can or can not, and will or will not do. Over my career I have discovered the people like to retain control in as many aspects of their life, it gives us comfort and gives us the illusion that we have control over our lives. The moment there is an aspect that could potentially shift that balance, people naturally shy away from the idea itself and will steer themselves back into what they know and are comfortable with. So who can be hypnotised and why?

In reality anyone can be hypnotised and we are all hypnotised more often that we actually might be aware we are. As an example picture yourself leaving from work and driving home and you pull into your driveway but you don't necessarily remember the trip and you remember bits and pieces but you may not recall the whole trip and you definitely don't recall all the fine details, steering, indicator changing gears etc as those things come naturally. That in a form itself is a form of hypnosis and your subconcious mind doing the work for you. Or perhaps when your watching a scary or perhaps an action movie and your really in to it, you start to imagine your self in the movie and naturally perhaps you will notice your expressing feelings of fear or excitement yourself. This is also a form of hypnosis, its when your concetration and focus is so in tune that you create a mini reality over something that might not actually be real. So if you have ever experienced any of those situations then you know that yes you are hypnotisable, most of us are.

There is a lot of myths out there that perhaps hypnosis is a loss of control and that the hypnotist itself will be the one controlling your mind making you do things, say things and making decisions for you. In reality over the last 30 years there has been a lot of research into hypnotism and how it works. Now we know with certainty that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, so the hypnotist has never been the one controlling the client as its actually the client that makes all the decisions. Knowing this now and knowing the client is actually always in control, why do people still believe that hypnosis is mind manipulation. Due to conditioning from previous hypnotic experiences from what we see on TV in movies and in hypnotic shows itself, the illusion of mind controll is born. 

So in conclusion, anyone in reality is hypnotisable as all hypnosis is self hypnosis, some more than others, and the client will always be in controll of their choice of actions despite what people have been conditioned to think.

Igor Prstojevic 

Pure Hypnotherapy 

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