What hypnotherapy is not

So lets play out a scenario... your feeling so stressed and low on energy. Wouldn't it be nice to go see someone and pay them some money, they will look in to your eyes, tell you your not stressed any more and like magic you are stress free and for the rest of your life you will never feel stress again! 

Sounds great yea, almost too good to be true. Perhaps a scenario to do with weight issues, wouldn't it be fantastic to see someone that will say the words "sleep" to you and the moment you wake up you are 30kg lighter instantly, feeling amazing about your new body. 

Sounds too good to be true yea. That might be because it is too good to be true. 

What hypnotherapy is not.

Its not some magic trick that will make you change physical appearance in a blink of an eye and get you to wake up 30kg lighter or completely oblivious to stress. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool that in the hands of a hypnotherapist helps clients exercise their own goals and achive what the clients want to achive.

Through hypnotherapy a person can make subconcious changes to help them impliment change in their behavior to help them deal with stress, smoking, weight loss as well as many other issues.

Despite of what people see in the hypnosis stage performances the hypnotherapy itself will not make you change overnight and nobody can make you do or act against what your set personal morals and limitations might be. 

I always tell clients to look at hypnotherapy as somewhat of a gym that helps you exercise the mental state and the power of your imagination. 

What hypnotherapy will be able to provide a client that really wants to loose weight or feel less stress is a very powerfull clear subconcious suggestion that will help produce change over a period of time and altimately for the clients really willing to improve their lifes it will help them get to their desired goals quicker. 

There is nothing scary about hypnotherapy as its a natural state and a great tool for quick and effective self improvement. 

Its important to clarify the diferences between what the reality is and what the general public perceives the hypnosis to be, as a lot of people still today look at hypnosis as magic perhaps more than a very powerfull therapy tool.

Igor Prstojevic 

Pure Hypnotherapy 


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