Need to know about hypnotherapy & how it works.

How is hypnotherapy different to all other types of hypnotherapy? Common question in our field.

Like all good therapies hypnotherapy focuses on the inner voice and the understanding of how the person perceives their own reality. Traditional therapies focus on a long-term plan with a client, by constantly looking for their small problems and working through them one problem at a time. As traditional therapy is solely focused on clients while they are in the conscious state  the therapy itself usually focuses on perceived problems that the client conciously believe to be problems rather than the actual issue which could be hidden in our unconscious mind. 

Our unconscious mind is responsible for almost everything that we do, everything we believe in about ourselves and the perception we have about the world around us. Eg. Driving a car, Breathing, moving feet and arms, listening to the radio, responding to questions, paying attention to other drivers all at the same time while we are only concious about the words we choose to say to our passenger.. Most of the information we process is un concious, as our concious mind is limited to generally only able to handle approx. 5 to 7 pieces of information at any time. The un concious mind is different as its capable of much more, is always on listening and recording information we receive through our senses that is relevant and helpful, teaching us from every experience. In some way out un concious mind is like our own autopilot lets say. 

One of the main reasons why hypnotherapy is so effective when it comes to overcoming problems like weight, smoking, stress is the it's unique ability through hypnotic methods to efectivly communicate with a subconscious mind and to produce change in a person very rapidly as it's all happening on a subconscious level. 

After a hypnotic session the client generally does not feel hypnotized as the hypnotic state is a natural state that we all experience everyday, sometimes described very similar to a state of a person daydreaming and mind is in deep concentration vividly imagining what we are focusing on. 

I find that people even today, in this modern age are still very sceptical about hypnotherapy. Largely the responsibility of that falls back on stage hypnosis and people assuming that the hypnotist is magicly controlling someone else's mind. In reality we know that that is not true and it's actually the client that's generally in the driver's seat, the hypno therapist is purely a back seat driver thats guiding a client to make changes relevant to their problem as all hypnosis is self hypnosis and there is nothing that a hypnotist can do or say they will force someone behave in a way that would not be ok with or would want to do themselfs. There is a large difference in between hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis, and you will find that hypnotherapy is all about relaxation and making productive lasting beneficial change in a person where a show at the end of the day is a performance strictly for entertainment purposes.

There is heaps of great books and material out there that are one can study and read to get to know more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and i hope this small introduction in to hypnotherapy generates a bit of curiosity.

Igor Prstojevic 

Pure Hypnotherapy 

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