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About Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

There are many different methods and theories of hypnotherapy and hypnosis out there, different schools and approaches. So not all hypnotherapy is the same, ultimately it all really comes down to the approach of the clinical hypnotherapist, how comfortable you feel with them and their approach to guide you to your desired outcome.
Pure Hypnotherapy largely uses a blend of traditional Hypnotherapy Method and approach developed by Dr. A.M Krasner. Dr. Krasner has influenced the hypnotherapy industry worldwide and made his mark through 50 years of hypnotherapy experience over his life time setting and producing a structure for a high standard of clinical hypnotherapy. I have also been privileged to study hypnotherapy extensively with the Hypnotherapy Training College Australia, and my hypnotherapy approach is influenced by my studies of effective hypnosis with the College which are always striving to take the Hypnotherapy to the next level.


Pure Hypnotherapy

Pure Hypnotherapy was established with providing affordable, effective and accessible hypnotherapy to public as a goal. Relating to people, and helping people make positive change in their life has been my passion for as long i can remember. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to and been able to undertake training in a lot of different approaches.


Common Services



Smoking is perhaps the hardest habit to break. Hypnotherapy has been recognised as one of the most effective ways to overcome smoking and quit smoking for good. Through effective use of hypnosis we can help overcome the common problem for smokers attempting quitting and help give you the right tools to drop the habits,  and move on to a healthier and more enjoyable life. Contact us today or book in a session to find out how we can help.


How often do you hear people around you speak of their prime days when they were younger, fit, skinnier and more energetic? I bet it happens a lot, but sadly a lot of the same people talking about this don’t do anything about their current situation and are not happy in their current state, but don’t know how to get back on the road to change. Hypnosis can help get you back on to the path of enjoying life, getting fit, losing weight and having more confidence to ensure your living your life to its fullest potential. Contact us today or book in a session to find out how we can help you.


Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is very safe, as many people are unaware but we all bounce in and out of hypnosis every single day, it is a totally natural and normal process.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

The easiest way to describe the feel of hypnosis would be to relate it to really deep relaxation, clients is awake and conscious to what is going on around them at all times, but in a really deep state of relaxation that feels so great.

Does the hypnotist have control of my mind?

This is a common question, and un fortunately most people have been conditioned to believe that a hypnotist magically controls the mind, but in reality it’s the clients that are in control at all times and a hypnotist can not make you do anything or behave in anyway that would be against your own wishes or not in line with your morals.

How many sessions do I need to see change?

This really depends on a number of factors, eg: what we are trying to help with, how long its been a concern, age of clients we are dealing with etc.. Some clients have one session and they are all good to go, where for someone else they might need 3 sessions.



Stress & Anxiety is common, especially in the busy world and lives we all live now. Reality of it is that all of us will at some stage in our lives feel high levels of stress, and a lot of us don’t have the tools to manage stress by our self.  High levels of stress or poor management of stress in a person can potentially manifest itself in to a much larger problem and become a serious health concern.  Hypnosis can help by teaching you on a subconscious level to understand stress and manage stress levels and take control back in to your hands. Contact us today or book in a session to find out how we can help.

We Also Offer Skype Hypnotherapy

Benefits Of Skype Hypnotherapy to Clients

* No Travel Required
* Privacy
* Easier to Accommodate for busy people.
* More Cost Effective

What is required on your end.
- Computer or a device that supports Skype.
- Internet connection
- Camera and microphone
- Set of headphones
- Place to relax during the hypnotherapy session


Clinical Hypnotherapist:  Igor Prstojevic

1020 Mt Alexander Rd
Essendon, 3040
ABN: 28249933443

Ph: 0484 791 220

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